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Return to Work

This program is for you if:

  • You feel anxious separating from your baby.

  • You feel unsure or guilty about your decision to work.

  • You are ecstatic to be back to work and feel ashamed for not missing your baby more.

  • You are struggling with conflicting priorities or boundaries.

  • You feel overwhelmed and stressed, trying to do it ALL!

  • You feel like you're half at work and half at home, afraid you're failing at both.

  • You are thinking of a career change.

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This program can be combined together with the BecomingAParent program.


Program steps


Understand how your new role of parent is affecting your values and priorities regarding work.

It is difficult to predict before the birth how you will feel about work. Your values and priorities may shift in unexpected ways. So, we will start from clarifying what you really want.



Address the anxiety or guilt by exploring your expectations and projections of how you'll manage to "do it ALL". 

Understand your relationship to control and letting go. Identify childhood, adult, cultural, societal or intergenerational expectations. 



Identify the practical stuff that escalate your anxiety/stress and what changes you can make.

For example, time management (i.e. how to reorganize your routines).



Dispel the myth of work-life balance and focus on establishing healthy work-life boundaries. 

Clarify your values and priorities, learn to accept imperfection and how to set healthy boundaries.


Tools for self-correction and self-generation going forward. 

Establish powerful and positive new habits and learn to catch yourself from regressing back.

This is the main blue-print of the work we can do together, however, the program will always get personalized to your needs. 

Start by booking a discovery call.

During this 30 minute call we will discuss what you are struggling with

and see whether we are a good fit to work together.



Recommended: 6 private sessions

(1 hour each)


CHF 120 per session


Online via Zoom

In person or walking sessions possible.

What is included:

  • Recorded sessions to review them at your convenience.

  • Personalized exercises and practices to raise awareness and build new habits.

  • Accountability support between sessions (texts or short calls upon agreement).

  • 1 complimentary follow-up session (30 min) 1 month after program completion.

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