Return to Work

Are you a new mom about to return back to work? Or have you already returned after the maternity leave and find yourself struggling with the conflicting priorities? Then this program is designed for you! Together we will resolve:

  • Separation anxiety from your baby.

  • Fear and/or guilt about your decision to work.

  • Fear of failing at both, as time is never enough for neither nor.

  • Overwhelm and stress, trying to do it ALL!

  • Big decisions around changes to your work.

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This program can be combined with the BecomingMom™ Signature Program.

Program steps



Understand how your new role of mother is affecting your values and priorities regarding work.

It is difficult to predict before the birth how you will feel about work. Your values and priorities may shift in unexpected ways. So, we will start from clarifying what you really want.



Address the anxiety or guilt by exploring your expectations and projections of how you'll manage to "do it ALL". 

Understand your relationship to control and letting go. Identify childhood, adult, cultural, societal or intergenerational expectations. 



Identify the practical stuff that escalate your anxiety/stress and what changes you can make.

For example, time management (i.e. how to reorganize your routines).



Dispel the myth of work-life balance and focus on establishing healthy work-life boundaries. 

Clarify your values and priorities, learn to accept imperfection and how to set healthy boundaries.


Tools for self-correction and self-generation going forward. 

Establish powerful and positive new habits and learn to catch yourself from regressing back.


Start by booking a discovery call.

During this 30 minute call we will discuss what you are struggling with

and see whether we are a good fit to work together.


Package: 6 private sessions

(1 hour each)


EUR 900


Online via Zoom

In person or walking sessions possible.

* If combined with the BecomingMom program, the number of sessions and price get adjusted.

“We expect women to work like they don't have children,

and raise children as if they don't work.”