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BecomingAParent - Signature Program

This program is for you if:

  • You feel overwhelmed, like hanging by a thread.

  • You do not enjoy parenthood and cannot understand why.

  • You constantly doubt whether you are a good parent.

  • You struggle to bond with your baby.

  • You feel lonely and isolated.

  • You feel anxious even when the baby is calm. 

  • You feel like you are losing yourself and/or disappearing in an endless list of tasks.

  • You think you may have ruined your life.

  • You feel jealous, angry or resentful towards your partner, and compare time and chores.

  • You feel like you're losing your partner and the relationship you cherish so much.

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Becoming a Parent brings to the surface your patterns of behavior, self-limiting beliefs, conditioned emotions, and self-defense mechanisms. This Signature Program tackles them, having a massive and holistic positive impact to your life, not just as a parent but as a whole human being.


Program steps



Understand the new role of parent and how it affects your sense of self. 

We will explore how your self-identity is shifting with the new role and what it means for you, reflections and learning with personalized exercises or practices.



Heal your disconnect, overwhelm or grief by exploring your expectations about parenthood.

 Identify unrealized expectations or dispel unrealistic myths about being a parent.

Address childhood, adult, cultural, societal or intergenerational expectations. 



Discover your negative thoughts patterns and learn how to break the cycle. 

We will find your triggers, identify the negative cycle elements and practice replacing them with positive ones.



Reassess your values and priorities and get clarity on what a “good enough” parent is for you. 

Clarify your values and priorities, learn to accept imperfection and how to set healthy boundaries.


Get tools to communicate with your relationships effectively and feel understood and supported.

Learn how to ask what you truly need and learn how and when to say NO.

(This step is optional depending the quality of your relationships).


Tools for self-correction and self-generation going forward. 

Establish powerful and positive new habits and learn to catch yourself from regressing back.

This is the main blue-print of the work we can do together, however, the program will always get personalized to your needs. 

Start by booking a discovery call.

During this 30 minute call we will discuss what you are struggling with

and see whether we are a good fit to work together.



Recommended: 8 -10 private sessions

(1 hour each)


CHF 120 per session


Online via Zoom

In person or walking sessions possible.

What is included:

  • Recorded sessions to review them at your convenience.

  • Personalized exercises and practices to raise awareness and build new habits.

  • Accountability support between sessions (texts or short calls upon agreement).

  • 1 complimentary follow-up session (30 min) 1 month after program completion.

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