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A Free Workshop on Adjusting to Fatherhood

Tuesday, May 7 @20:00-21:00 CET


Meet your coach Dina Pataki

Dina is a Certified Integral Coach dedicated to facilitating profound transformations in individuals facing the intricacies of life transitions. Her own experience of postpartum stress prompted her to specialize in Perinatal Mental Health.

For new parents grappling with the overwhelming mix of emotions—whether it be anxiety, regret, feelings of inadequacy, fear or failure, guilt, or a perceived loss of self-identity —Dina offers compassionate and insightful coaching. 

Dina also holds a BA Hons in Psychology and has trained with Karen Kleiman in her renowed Holding Model for Perinatal Women in Distress.

Dina has partnered with 3 top-rated international mental health platforms: BetterUp, Cleo, and Oliva. She has coached hundreds of parents across all levels within Management, from various dynamic and diverse Industries in Europe, Middle East and Asia and has 700+ hours of coaching.

In this workshop we will cover

Even if we don't end up working together further, my commitment to you is that: you'll gain clarity, you'll have a tangible first goal, and you'll definitely feel better!

I want to join the workshop!

Thanks for joining!

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