Signature Program

This Signature Program is designed to help you overcome:

  • Self-doubt, guilt and shame.

  • Loss of self-identity, individuality, and sense of control.

  • Grief over the old life, that feels forever lost. 

  • Negative thoughts.

  • Loneliness and isolation.

  • Lack of support or conflict within your relationships.

  • Overwhelm and stress.


Becoming a mom brings to the surface your self-limiting beliefs, patterns of behavior, conditioned emotions, and self-defense mechanisms. 

This Signature Program tackles them, having a massive and holistic positive impact to your life, not just as a mother but as a whole human being.

Program steps



Understand the new role of mother and how it affects your sense of self. 

We will explore how your self-identity is shifting with the new role and what it means for you, reflections and learning with personalized exercises or practices.



Heal your disconnect, overwhelm or grief by exploring your expectations about motherhood.

 Identify unrealized expectations or dispel unrealistic myths about being a parent.

Address childhood, adult, cultural, societal or intergenerational expectations. 



Discover your negative thoughts patterns and learn how to break the cycle. 

We will find your triggers, identify the negative cycle elements and practice replacing them with positive ones.



Reassess your values and priorities and get clarity on what a “good enough” mother is for you. 

Clarify your values and priorities, learn to accept imperfection and how to set healthy boundaries.


Get tools to communicate with your relationships effectively and feel understood and supported.

Learn how to ask what you truly need and learn how and when to say NO.

(This step is optional depending the quality of your relationships).


Tools for self-correction and self-generation going forward. 

Establish powerful and positive new habits and learn to catch yourself from regressing back.


This is the main blue-print of the work we can do together, however, the program will always get personalized to your needs. 

Start by booking a discovery call.

During this 30 minute call we will discuss what you are struggling with

and see whether we are a good fit to work together.

Private option


Package: 8 -10 private sessions

(1 hour each)


Starts at EUR 1,200


Online via Zoom

In person or walking sessions possible.

Group option


Package: 7 group sessions (1,5 hours each)

& 1 private session (1 hour)

4 participants


EUR 875


Online via Zoom

What my clients say

I am immensely grateful to have found you and to have followed your course. The information provided was extremely useful to me. More than anything it was reassuring to find out what I was going through was "normal". You put words to feelings and emotions that were so hard to express and comprehend.


I think your course should be a must for every new mom, it really makes a difference in understanding, accepting and living motherhood! Thank you very much for offering your experience and all the information in the course.

Oana Surghe, Belgium 

Newborn Mother


A little bit about me...

Hi, I'm Dina Pataki. I'm an ICF Certified Integral Coach® with specialization in Perinatal Mental Health and the mom of two energetic boys!

I've been there! My transition to motherhood was nothing like I expected it to be. I was experiencing motherhood as an endless list of tasks to do - things that I was "failing" at miserably - and with an insane amount of guilt for missing my old life and for having trouble bonding with my baby.  

Perhaps I wasn't as good at being a mother as I thought I would be. What had happened to all that love inside of me, that I was so looking forward to shower my baby with?

The truth is that Becoming Mom is slow, gradual and takes patience and some more patience! It also requires a journey that we hesitate to take - a journey of introspection - to understand why we think and behave the way we do. How is our "current way of being" disrupted by this new role, and what "deeper way of being" can we pursue to become both the mom we envision and our full self as a human being?

Motherhood is a seminal developmental stage in a woman's life that can stimulate holistic growth, if only you dive deep! Let's dive in together!

“Change is never easy.

We fight to hold on, and we fight to let go.”