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New parents grow here!

New parents need just as much attention as a newborn baby, because they too, have just been born!

Parenthood has two faces.

There's the face you visualize before birth— of hugs, kisses, delight and fulfillment.

And then there's the other face – of exhaustion, overwhelm, stress, and guilt, wondering if these feelings will ever go away and longing for things to just go back to normal.

You start doubting, what are you doing wrong? This is not how it's supposed to be - everyone else seems to be handling parenthood with grace. And so guilt, shame, and a sense of failure begin to take over, along with grief over your lost, previous life.

My specialized perinatal coaching, will give you the tools to regain control and self-confidence, set healthy boundaries and thrive in your new role of mother or father.


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Emotional overwhelm is often fueled by the perpetuation of Motherhood Myths. Identify which Myths you may be trying to attain, setting yourself unrealistic goals you're bound to "fail".

Download my full article on the 5 Myths with tools and techniques you can use right away to feel better.

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Postpartum Depression Switzerland

I've been there

As a first-time mom, I knew my life was going to change but I couldn't imagine how and to what extent. I don't think any new parent can ever fully prepare for the shift—it’s new and massive. 

What’s more, the transition to parenthood is not widely discussed, nor is it generally supported by the structures and norms of our society. I know how lonely, overwhelming, and hopeless it may feel right now. I know how much courage it takes to speak up and seek help. But I also know that with support you will start to feel like yourself again.

I offer compassionate, insightful, and transformative coaching. My method is integral, which is a holistic approach focusing on the mind, heart, and body. I’m ready to meet you where you are in your journey and together, we will remove the roadblocks that are holding you back from being your confident, joyful self.

Dina Pataki


Certified Integral Coach® (PCC)

Certified Perinatal Mental Health Specialist (PMH-C)

Mental Health Guide @Cleo

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Text Message: Hi Dina, I appreciate the session today. I am relieved and I am truly grateful of your presence and advice. Thank you very much.

Cleo Member, UK

Text Message: I have found since our first meeting, I have been able to recognize that most changes, and things I had previously viewed as losses, are only temporary, if indeed changes at all. I can already see that we are still a couple and there will be time for us to spend together, so I am feeling a lot more positive.

Cleo Member, UK

Text Message: Your advice has been invaluable and it's helped me through a really difficult time. Thank you Dina.

Cleo Member, Ireland

I worked with Dina following my return to work after maternity. I had recently started a new job and found it challenging to balance the new family life with work. I also found it more difficult than expected to integrate motherhood into my self-identity. Dina listens with warmth, asks insightful questions, and makes it easy to connect and feel understood.

Ksénia T., Switzerland
Strategic Innovation Expert

Text Message: Hey Dina, yes, I'm feeling much more like myself lately. Feeling more in control of my emotions and feeling more at peace with my mum stuff. Thanks for all your help. I won't hesitate to reach out if I need some more support going forward.

Cleo Member, Italy

I am immensely grateful to have found you and to have followed your course. The information provided was extremely useful to me. More than anything it was reassuring to find out what I was going through was "normal". You put words to feelings and emotions that were so hard to express and comprehend.

I think your course should be a must for every new mom, it really makes a difference in understanding, accepting and living motherhood! Thank you very much for offering your experience and all the information in the course.

Oana Surghe, Belgium
New Mom

Dina was the best companion to guide me through my inner journey. As a mother in transition (moving to a new country while leaving my job) I strongly recommend working with Dina. She is a calm, always present coach, ready and eager to investigate your personal needs, analyze and guide you forward. 

Efi Karaoglani, Switzerland
Brand Marketing Manager

Text Message: Thank you so much Dina. Honestly these sessions with you do a lot for me and relieve a lot of stress and let reveal and express a lot of thoughts that noone can understand easily. Thank you for being so flexible and supportive.

Cleo Member, Egypt

Dina's workshop is spot on for new mothers.  She knows exactly what new mothers need to know and focus on.  From teaching new mothers how to tap into the resources around or helping new mothers creating inner strength through self-care and self-advocating, Dina's advice is extremely relevant.  I also appreciated the warm and open atmosphere which encouraged everyone to share their own personal experiences.  

Morgan H., Switzerland
Mama of two!

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