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Selected Services in Switzerland for Moms & Famillies!

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Transforming Family Life Through Sleep

Maria Besini is a holistic and trauma-informed Child Sleep Consultant.

She help parents who need professional guidance and support to discover the root causes that lead to their child’s sleep challenges and introduce them with powerful tools and solutions in order to resolve them in ways that promote a secure attachment between the parent and the child.

Her approach leads to a profound improvement in every member's well-being. Check out her website HERE.

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Fitness & Coaching

Empower Fitness & Coaching offers specialist fitness services for women. They are specialists in supporting pregnancy and postpartum and offer classes and personal training.


They are based in Basel but also offer remote coaching online. Their mission is to empower clients through expert support and education to reach their health goals in a safe and open community.


HERE is their website for more information. 

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