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Coming in March, 2021

Thursdays @ 20:00 pm CET


"This should have been the best time of my life! But I barely have time to eat or take a shower. I'm sleep-deprived, cannot concentrate and everyone else seems to be coping so much better... "

"I have completely lost myself in my baby”.

“We are both so exhausted and short tempered that it is taking a toll on our relationship”.

Join my workshop and learn what you REALLY NEED TO KNOW about early motherhood.


4 WEEKLY group sessions with 4 THEMES



Expectations vs reality March 11

Motherhood is often accompanied by personal and cultural expectations. When expectations aren't met, disappointment, conflicting emotions, guilt, shame, and fear of failing as a mother, may take over.  During this session we will talk about the most common discrepancies between expectations and reality. You will also learn how to validate your emotions and reframe your expectations to align with reality.



March 18

During this session we will talk about the Perfection Trap and the need to revisit your values and priorities to define what it means for you to be a “good mom”. We will also address certain losses that come with motherhood.

How self-care is perceived, as well as how you can bend these perceptions to practice self-care.


Couple Communication 

March 25

Here we will focus on the most common struggles couples are facing when they become parents. We will also talk about how you can avoid them or overcome them. And most importantly, how you can communicate your needs better, so you feel validated and supported.


Return to work

April 1

The return to work can feel overwhelming. You may be wondering how you’ll manage to do it all? So, how can you prepare to go back to work? We’ll talk about what steps you can take to make it easier for you. Most importantly we will focus on the conflicting emotions that may arise following the return to work, how you can recognize them and address them.

Here is what you will get out of these sessions

In my practice, I see too many women who think that part of being a mother is to endure the struggles this huge transition brings. After all, a mother that sacrifices her needs for the sake of her family is deemed remarkable and noble in our society. But what if I told you that you can CHOOSE to enjoy motherhood, instead of enduring it?

  • We’ll explore the most common pitfalls in your relationship with yourself, your partner and the return to work and how to avoid them.

  • I’ll give you easily applied practices to start feeling like yourself again and overcome the usual obstacles to enjoying early motherhood.

  • We’ll do all that in a circle of trust, with other moms who feel exactly as you do. 

The structure of each session is 1 hour of workshop, followed by 30 min of Q&A and applying the material to your experiences. 



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LIFE-TIME REPLAY. View the recorded version at your convenience, any time.​​

EARLY BIRD BONUS: Book until March 5th and win a 1:1 follow-up coaching session.

Dina Pataki

Meet your host

Dina is a certified integral coach, with a specialization in perinatal mental health (trained by the Postpartum Support International foundation). Dina is the mother of two boys (6 and 3 years old), so she has been twice on the matrescence journey. Her passion is to shed light to matrescence and perinatal mood disorders, which are still a taboo subject and carry a stigma for young mothers. 


The purpose of this Workshop Series is to help mothers understand their transition to motherhood , to have a safe space to share their thoughts and emotions, and to reduce the risk of suffering from depression or anxiety. Now, with social distancing, expecting and postpartum mothers need support more than ever. 

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